Orphans Love In The Barren World

Hi, I am Raj, a good friend of Radha. This experience is as narrated by Radha to me. You can send your comments and likes to my email id [email protected]

Anitha dearly called as Ani Aunty was separated from her husband years ago for the reason that she could not bear a child because her womb was barren, living in a big independent duplex flat of her own. The richness of her wealth was enough for next 5 generations after her, which she inherited from her parents. She engaged herself in social services for the destitute women. One thing she always wanted was to be a mother. But now it is too late as she entered her 46 years of age. Even at this age, she looks voluptuous with 40-38-40, a beautiful face which makes everybody love her, her patience, her words, her gesture makes her to be unique. People get astonished when they come to know that she is single and separated and leading a very simple life though she is very wealthy.

She found Sumitra and Radha both aged about 30 years, both equally beautiful with good body stats of approximately 38-30-36. Sumithra did not want to get married at all because she did not want to be under the control of any men. This made her parents angry and unable to bear their pleading drama, she left her home. Radha was engaged but could not continue with the marriage after revealing her medical condition to her fiancée that she will not be able to bear children.

Anitha gave them shelter and the motherly love towards both of them. Both were working in a freelance business of selling readymade dress from the manufacturer to retailers. This is how they met and became friends. While in a business meeting, they happened to meet Anitha who was there to make a deal for some cloth supply to the destitute women and became close to her. When personally talking to Anitha, they narrated their life incidents and Anitha was moved with compassion on them. Since she was living alone in a big flat, she convinced Sumitra and Radha to live with her.
Radha was still interested to get married and live a life with Husband but being very frank, she spoke about her barrenness which was disliked in the marriage proposal. So she was just living with her business with the faith of married life some day. Before joining with Anitha, both were living together. So that attachment made them live in a single room even at Anitha’s flat.

One night, it was very rainy with thunderstorm and lightning, Anitha came out of her room to close some windows opened in the hall. She also found the light still on in the bedroom of Sumitra and Radha. Since she was not getting sleep because of the severe sound of thunder, she thought she can have some chat with them. So, she casually opened the door and was shocked to see both of them nude and kissing each other. Both of them were in equal shock when they saw Anitha entering the room while Radha’s fingers were in Sumitra’s cunt and Sumitra holding Radha’s breast in the position of sucking them.

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After seeing them in that condition, Anitha went out of their room without talking to them and headed to her room. Meanwhile, Sumitra and Radha put on their clothes and were thinking how to face Anitha. But their activity seen by Anitha instigated the requirement of touch within her. She just went to her room, placed a pillow between her legs and was thinking about what she had seen.

Radha pestered Sumitra that both of them should go to Ani Aunty and speak about this and ask sorry at that time itself so that they will not guilt in them when they face her in the morning. So both headed towards Anitha’s room which was on the first floor.
When they opened Anitha’s room, Anitha’s look towards them was no different to earlier and she showed a matured appearance to them and asked them “so you girls are very naughty”.

Then both of them narrated to Anitha that when they were living together before, Sumitra used to be very casual at home, with least dress on her, always flaunting her curves, changing dress openly, taking bath without a closing door, and fingering herself in the night. Sometimes, Radha used to wake up from sleep due to Sumitra’s naughty behaviour of touching Radha’s breasts when she is fast asleep. When Radha came to know about her interest, she behaved as if she is fast asleep so that Sumitra can touch and press her because Radha was also longing for her body needs.

Sumitha came to know that even Radha is interested but she does not want Sumitra to know about this. So, Sumitra once while taking bath nude with the open door of the bathroom, called Radha to scrub her back. Radha also agreed and went inside to scrub her back and while scrubbing and applying soap to her armpit, her hands were touching the part of boobs below the armpit. Finally, Radha started pressing the whole boobs of Sumitra. Sumitra took good advantage of the situation and made Radha get nude and take bath together. So this is how it all started and it was narrated to Anitha.
Anitha, after hearing both of them, told them to go and sleep without having any guilt feeling in them.

Next morning, Anitha called both of them and told them that they have made her feel that she too is a woman who is in need of some touch. So told both of them to give her an intimate bath and offered to bath together. Both of them instantly agreed and Sumitra ran to Anitha and hugged her with a kiss and slowly placing her fingers on Anitha’s breasts. Her touch made Anitha speechless and gave a shudder all her spine. Slowly all the three went towards the bathroom and Sumitra told Anitha that they can do this with conditions only that Anitha should not object any activity while taking bath. Anitha was excited and agreed to their condition.

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So, before entering the bathroom, Radha suggested an oil massage would be good before bath. Sumitra told that an excellent idea. Radha got the almond baby oil which was with her and kept it ready. Sumitra went nearer to Anitha, kissed on softly on her lips, chin, slowly moving to her ear, neck, and reached to the cleavage area of Anitha. Anitha wore a full nightgown with a deep neck which revealed her cleavage and voluptuous boobs. After the cleavage area, she slowly moved on to her boobs softly, kissing them over the fabric. While Radha watched and placed her hand on the hip of Anitha and started caressing and pressing the buttocks over the fabric. These activities made Anitha more horny and involved. She just stood like a statue with a shy smile on her face, allowing the other two to do whatever they want while enjoying every move made by them.
Sumitra told Radha to remove the gown from her body and helped to remove. Anitha was standing with her big black bra and panty clinched to her fair skin making her look sexier. Sumitra could no longer wait, she grabbed the boobs over the bra of Anitha and started to kiss her cleavage and pressed her face over the boobs while Radha was overwhelmed with the beauty of her buttocks, thighs, and legs and started to press her buttocks very sensually touching her cunt over the panty every now and them. Radha slowly started to unhook the bra when standing behind and Sumitra slid down to remove her panty with a kiss on Anitha’s cunt. After removing the bra, Radha came to the front and tightly kissed Anitha’s boobs one by one and started to suck her nipples like a hungry baby and Sumitra was playing with her tongue on the pussy lips of Anitha. Anitha started to enjoy everything done by the two women with arousal sounds. When Radha was still sucking the boobs, Anitha became emotional suddenly and expressed that she wanted to be a mother who could feed her breast milk. So Sumitra told not to worry that she now has two kids who can keep sucking her boobs all day and night. While saying so, she started to undress Radha and made her nude. By seeking Radha nude, Anitha placed her palm on the boobs of Radha. This was very exciting because this was the first time ever that Anitha has touched the boobs of another woman.

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She pressed and caressed them like a mother who would caress any child. Sumitra undressed swiftly and hugged Radha and Anitha Together. Anitha also started caressing Sumitra and Radha on all part of the body. Radha left them and took the oil bottle and told Sumitra to start. They distributed Anitha’s body for applying oil that Radha will take care of the upper half and Sumitra will do the rest .

Radha took the oil and applied on the shoulder, back and started to massage Anitha while Sumitra started to massage the thighs and edges near pussy of Anitha, then continued to do the massage of the buttocks. While doing so, she was also licking and playing with the pussy of Radha. Radha completed the back of Anitha and slowly pushed her hand beneath the armpit of Anitha and held her boobs and massaged. She could feel the nipples becoming harder for Anitha. Anitha was just still and enjoying every move. While Radha massaged the boobs and nipples making Anitha horny, Sumitra started to massage the pussy and clitoris adding fuel to the enjoyment, stroking the cunt with fingers. This went on to the heat out of control and Anitha screamed with the orgasm and tears of satisfaction in her eyes.

The massage activity continued for a long time and Anitha also grabbed the oil and started applying on both of them and massage them. Now the massaging activity turned out to be mix and match that all three were doing for all. Then they went to take bath. All the three enjoyed their bath together with the equal involvement of Anitha also by doing mutual masturbation for them. After the bath, the three decided to remain nude for some time and they would wear only the bra and panty for the entire day. So, all three women had their breakfast being nude, and then slowly came the panty and then the bra on them. Sumitra and Radha were so obsessed with the big round boobs and body of Anitha that they hardly left her. They started sucking her every now and then which Anitha also enjoyed. All of them wore very fewer clothes and watched lesbian and threesome movies. They made up their mind to induce lactation in Anitha which she wanted and they made continuous boob sucking. Only one thing which was an obstruction is Anitha would get aroused while boob sucking and they used to end up with mutual masturbation.

Anitha changed the bed size and all started living in the same room. Anitha also invested in the business for Sumitra and Radha in which they operated from home itself and earning also flourished.

Next part of the narration will include the marriage of Radha with Vijay and how the family takes a turn to enjoying life.

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