Penis for my cousin Shakshi

Enough to erect my penis
Enough to erect my penis

Hi Friends, My Name is Ankur Patel and I live in Ahmedabad. Today I am going to tell you story of my cousin Sakshi. Sakshi is my maternal cousin and she is really a hot girl. She is studying in MSW and working part time in Barista. She is around 21 years of age. I am 5 years elder to her and I work in Watwa GIDC. This incident took place last year on Deewali. She had come to our place to celebrate Deewali because in her locality she did not have many friends. As they moved to that area just recently she has all her friends and relatives left behind in Maninagar only. She stayed here 3 days and 2 nights and this was the time when My penis got her juicy pussy. I fucked her about 4 times in these days.

I used to eye her from the beginning itself.

Sakshi was not new prey for me. I started to eye on her as soon as she grew as a teen. Around 18 years Sakshi never looked less than a sex bomb. She have the same busty boobs and big ass from 18 years of age only. She is very fond of chocolates so I used to bring her chocolates and tried to seduce her to take my penis. I could only succeed to press her boobs once when no one was at home. She was almost ready to take my penis but unfortunately we could not find the place for fucking. Now it was correct time as my neighbor Sharma Ji went to Bihar for Deewali. He used to keep his house keys at our home only. So I had plans for penis play this time.

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Shakshi came to our home with her mom and dad. She started to talk with me and I would stare at her boobs. She smiled with that MASTI only. In the evening when we were watching TV I moved my legs on her legs and started to rub. She looked at me. She stood up and went towards the balcony. I followed her there too. I started to touch her ass in the balcony and she grievously told me some one will see us Ankur. I told her that I have the keys for the next house and if she could come there in the night time. She initially hesitated but later agreed. I secretly put Sharma uncle house keys in my pocket. At around  7 o’clock I went in that house and opened the door of the terrace. So it would be easy for me to enter the house from the terrace only. Any body will have suspicion if I open Sharma Uncle house in the night time. At around 11 everyone was slept. My mom and dad were sleeping in one room, same as uncle and aunty. Shakshi was in my sister’s room who stays in hostel. I knocked the door and she came out in sexy pink nighty. I hold her hand and drove her towards the terrace. We entered Sharma uncle house in the lurking state only. I closed the door behind and took out my penis. Penis was erected and reddened in color. Shaskshi looked at my penis and started to touch it.

Penis for my cousin Shaskshi.

Shakshi was very horny now and she started to stroke my dick. I quickly removed my pant and undressed her as well. For the first time I had sight of her boobs. They were damn hot tits. I started to move my hands on her tits and she started to moan. We went in the bed room on the first floor itself. Before getting laid I had to dust it off at the house was closed for couple of days. Shakshi looked at my dick with great passion, may be she was thinking that was quiet a bigger tool. My penis was well erected and when Shakshi put her lips on its tip…My god what a pleasure it gave me. I pushed the penis in her mouth and started to stroke it. She was trying desperately to suck the full dick but she was not able to hold it all in her mouth. I held her mouth from the back and started to fuck her mouth so badly. After 2 minutes of desi oral sex I took out my shaft and went to her pussy. As Shakshi slept on the bed, It was easier for me now to go in. I held her pussy lips and opened them up. Her pussy was well wet now and ready to take the dick in it. I put my dick head on her pussy hole. A small jerk and half the dick went in. She screamed like a hell and thank god only we two were there in that house. I kissed her to stop her screams coming out again. And with one more jerk I entered the full penis in the pussy. Shakshi got adjusted to the dick in about 2 minutes and now she was also moving her ass to fuck my dick.

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I pushed in the penis to its full length and took it out. I started to do this repeatedly and Shakshi was enjoying it a lot. She was moaning aah aah aah oh oh Ankur…Ah ah fuck me oh oh ahhhhh…I kept on stroking the dick and she kept on moaning. Her pussy was pressing my dick in, when she was contracting the pussy muscles. I could not hold it for long in the pussy. After 5 minutes of nice and warm fucking I ejaculated a heavy load of cum in her pussy. She hugged me tightly, which indicated she was having orgasm at the same time too. That Deewali was rocking for me, as I fucked Shakshi almost half a dozen times….!!!

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