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My name is Neelam and I just crossed my 18 and now I have become 100% young for society. I was very curious when I had noticed change in body like my boobs started growing and my tits started become pointed and I had small hair on my pussy. I used to be nude and loved to see myself in mirror. I loved to touch my nude body, my boobs, my tits and my pussy too. When I used to see my nude body; I felt wonderful and there was bright feeling on my face.

Now, after my 18; I have shifted to some other place and I have a boyfriend also. Now, we both get nude and see ourselves in full length mirror. Whenever, we alone in my room; we both get nude and see ourselves in full length mirror in different sex positions and love our nudity. One day, my boy friend had fucked me in front mirror. We both got nude and had erected and excited hardcore sexual encounter.

I know, this is very crazy thing but believe me, seeing nude yourself in full length mirror and made sexual encounter. You and your partner excitement will be double and you both will enjoy the same.

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