Reshma was a divorced woman. She was 35 years old, busty and average looking. She had no kids and lived alone in an apartment in Vasant Vihar area in Delhi. She worked as a School teacher in a local school. She had been divorced for 3 years now as he ex-husband was a drunkard and often beat her. She wanted to live a free and independent life.

She had not have been intimate with anyone, since she left her husband. She often felt the urge to explore new horizons in the lust world, but hesitated and was quite afraid of it. She had a close colleague in her school, whom she liked. His name was Rajat. He was younger then her. Somewhat 28 years old, but dashing and strong fellow. He often oogled her, and Reshma knew about it. She liked being looked in that manner. Her asses would sway gently to one side and another to attract Rajat’s attention, whenever she can.

One day the School administration announced that they were going to a small picnic, and all teachers were told to come. Students were not a part of this picnic as it was only meant for the staff and teachers. Reshma was glad that she had some time off her work. Reshma and others boarded a school hired bus, which would drop them off to the picnic spot.

They arrived at a local hill station in about 3 hours. Reshma was dead tired. Rajat was sitting just next to her seat all the time. They had chatted for quite a long time and Reshma had managed to glance at his rising bulge. She thought how big would it be?? Her ex-husband was complete impotent and had a very small prick. She hoped Rajat had something better that that. The bus came to halt at the small farmhouse which was adjacent to a big garden. Reshma, Rajat and others left the bus and checked in their rooms. Reshma’s and Rajat’s room were close and small, but good enough for a couple. It was almost evening, hence Reshma decided that she would rather have a bath and take some rest. Rajat went to mingle with others, who were partying in the big garden.

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Reshma went in the bathroom and undressed. She caressed her big round boobs and fingered her already wet pussy. She was getting excited. All the time, she was thinking about Rajat’s bulge! She dearly wanted to be fucked. She kept on masterbuting for sometime and cummed. That felt relaxing and she took the bath again. Later she wiped and dressed in gown and went to take some rest.

Rajat on the other hand was impatient. He wanted to see what Reshma was doing. He stood up and bade good night to his colleagues and said that he was planning to sleep early. They made jokes about him, Rajat left them shouting and picking on him. He made his way through the hall and was about to pass the door of Reshma’s room, when he saw that the door was open a bit. He slowly pushed it, and found that it had not been locked. The light was put off and it was dark inside. Rajat can sense someone breathing inside the room. He went close to the bed, after locking the door. Reshma was wide awake and looking at Rajat. She can make him out, searching the room.

“Rajat, I am here!”. she said softly.
Rajat stood stunned, as if he was not expecting anyone to call him.

“Come in bed, I have been waiting for you!”, She spoke again. She had already undressed and was stark naked!!!

Rajat slowly got in the bed and held his hand out to touch or feel Reshma. Reshma lifted herself and Rajat’s hand came to rest on her Big round boobs!!
Rajat didn’t hesitate and started kneading it. He then took hold of the second and did the same to it. Suddenly Rajat stood and undressed himself. He then snuggled next to Reshma. Reshma could feel the big and hot rod of Rajat. She took hold of it and was amazed to find that it was huge and thick. Not like her ex-husbands prick, which was small and soft. Rajat slowly caressed her boobs and fondled with the nipples. Reshma would let out a soft moan in between. She was feeling hot and wanted Rajat’s dick badly. She moved and took good hold of his massive tool. Rajat let her do that. She then started licking the knob and fondling the balls. Rajat stiffened. Reshma then took the whole dick in her mouth and started sucking. She continued doing that for quite sometime, before leaving it and spreading her legs out wide, asking Rajat to continue. Rajat kneeled on the bed, till his lips were touching her pussy! He started licking it hard, he was impatient as if there was no tomorrow. He was raging like a bull and licking her already wet pussy. They continued this foreplay for sometime, and then Reshma gave a signal and Rajat inserted his massive dick in her pussy!

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The dick went in smoothly. Reshma was hot and wanted it badly. She could feel that her pussy was more wider than she ever had and the sense of huge dick in made her happy! Rajat started ramming and continued ramming his dick hard. He started gaining momentum and his powerful thursts became more hard and violent. They continued fucking for about 30 minutes and then suddenly both of them cummed. Reshma was feeling limp, with the power that she was fucked, she couldn’t feel anything. Rajat lay beside her, feeling her nipples. He had discharged a lot of semen in her wide pussy and they were leaking and were on the bed!

Both of them smiled! They kissed and fondled each other and again went into another fucking session.

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