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Hi friends, I have been a regular follower of ISS and I make sure to visit the site to at least scroll through the stories penned down by various authors. A sudden urge has today left me with no choice than to pen down how I lost my virginity back in the year 2011. About myself? I am a 18 years old boy with average looks and a height of 5ft 11inch. I have a somewhat fair complexion and a healthy built with an average sized tool. I had been with a lot of girls back when the incidents that I have shared happened, but I had not got a chance to be into a physical relation though sex chats and phone sex were happening with many.


Coming to the incident, after my 12th boards got over I spent my free time at home by keeping myself glued to the internet (especially facebook). On one such occassion my eyes fell upon a status of junior at my school who was also a neighbour of mine. The status clearly hinted at his swelling relationship with his girlfriend who was the apple of everyones eye in our school. Both of them were three years junior to me. Inspite of being in the same school and being the silent facebook friends, although my eyes met hers a lot of times we had never spoken a word with each other. My neighbour’s status on facebook however, gave me some courage to start a conversation with his girlfriend.

Once I broke the ice and started talking she was never reluctant in talking to me and gradually we happened to talk everyday. Initially the conversation were restricted to studies, school, career and the likes but gradually we started talking very frankly. I finally asked for her mobile number which she gave me without a bit of hesitation. From facebook messages it was sms now. As soon as the conversation shifted to sms we seemed to talk the entire day on various topics. But I purposely never enquired about her relationship. Meanwhile, my neighbour’s facebook statuses became more and more depressing and heartbreaking. These went on for almost a month when she took the initiative to inform me about her relationship which was not in a good status right then.

Slowly as days passed our conversations became more and more frank and intimate which ultimately led to personal life and then to sexual lives and desires and finally to sex chat and phone sex as well. Both of us were contended and happy about what we were doing and had no regrets. Though both of us were dying to meet each other we never really got a chance untill one day when she made a plan and told her mom that she has been facing problems in Geography and she wanted a senior of her school to come and help her out in a few topics. Her mother readily agreed and she informed me about the same. The approaching Sunday was fixed. Meanwhile, she restricted herself to general and casual talks and not much sexual.

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Sunday morning—–
I get a text, “Hi baby!! Good morning. Pink or black? Don’t you dare ask anything about my question but just answer.” I somewhat guessed what that meant and keeping her milky complexion and height in mind I replied “Pink”. She texted me back, “cool, see ya at 12. Give me a call once you reach my apartment”

I made some excuse at home and made sure to reach the huge posh apartment where she stayed on time and called her. While I was waiting for her at the security desk she came down to receive me in a white bum-shorts and a pink tank top. Her hair was untied and it was evident that she had just taken a bath. She waved at me and smiled. i was awestruck at her beauty. I smiled and kept walking towards her. She gave me a hug as soon as I walked to her. That aroma of her just drove me crazy but I controlled but not for long. As soon as we entered the lift and the doors closed my hands were on her waist pressing her against me and our lips smooching each other madly. We adjusted ourselves as soon as the 9th floor came and the door of the lift opened.

It was only when I entered her flat when I realised how lavishly rich she was. After some casual conversation with her mother and grandmother she led me to her room where I started teaching her. we were served with snacks and drinks frequently by her mother. However, my eyes kept on gazing at her cleavage and thighs often and that was accompanied by her smirks. Though she was in the 9th standard she had a pretty developed structure. After around two hours she proclaimed that she was done with studies and wanted to go to the terrace with me before sometime before I leave. She informed her mom and we inside the lift again. This time I just planted a gentle kiss on her lips and neck and she hugged me in the lift pressing her tits hard against me. As soon as we reached the terrace she locked the terrace from inside, held my hands and guided me to a small isolated room on the terrace which had no doors. Since it was my first time I was a bit afraid that someone might catch us. However, she assured me that no one with come up in this scorching heat and held my hands tightly and looked into my eyes.

We hugged each other tightly when I grabbed her ass cheeks tightly and pressed her against me. She let out a soft moan and relaxed while leaning against me. I started to caress her ass cheeks while licking her neck an letting my breathe out on her neck and shoulders. Both of us were turned on and in the perfect mood.

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Both my hands were now directly sqeezing her ass cheeks after I let my hands enter through her bum-shorts and panty. We were exploring each others mouth with our tongue and exchanging our saliva while one of her hand was busy rubbing my erected penis over my jeans. As soon as our kiss broke I took no time to remove her tank top which revealed her tits covered in a pink sports bra. “You said pink” were the words that came from her mouth and I began licking the exposed parts of her tits and her neck while she was busy unhooking and unzipping my jeans.

Soon I made her raise her hands and made her hornier by licking her clean shaved armpits and she begged me for me. I removed her bra but before I could get a grab of them she kneeled down and pulled my jeans and jokey down and took my entire length inside her mouth without wasting time. I got my first ever blowjob and she was deepthroating. She had confessed it to me earlier that she was not a virgin but I had the least expectation of her being so flawless. She kept on sucking and licking my circumsized penis while caressing my balls and grabbing them hard often. She stood up with a satiated smile after she was satisfied in what she was doing but I wished it never stopped.

We did not waste any more time now and positioned ourselves in the position of clasp after freeing her beautifully shaven pussy off her shorts and pink panty. she wrapped her legs around my waist while I supported her by holding her bottom and back. He rested her back against the wall. With mutual efforts and her positioning herself my penis went inside her warm pussy after a few thrusts. We let out moans as soon my entire length was inside her. He held me tight and we din’t move for a few seconds before she started to give motion to her hips. gradually I started co-operating with her and began thrusting her gently and bent my face to suck her tits. As the sucking got harder she requested me to fuck her hard. I kept on increasing the speed of my thrusts and her moans kept on increasing. It was a bliss to see her moan in pleasure while I fucked her hard and lost my virginity to her. Meanwhile, I made her cum twice and whispered into my ears that she would like to taste my love juice.

I stopped fucking her as soon I realized that I am about to cum. She understood and climbed down. I was leaning against the wall while she kneeled down and began to suck my penis like never before. I cummed inside her mouth and she did not waste a single drop. After she was done with her act she looked up at me like a cute kid and smiled. I made her stand and we hugged each other again and thanked her in whispers to which she gently and naughtily bit my ears. Meanwhile, her phone rang. It was her mom asking her how much time would she take to be back to flat as her mom wanted to go for a bath and her grandmom was sleeping. We hurriedly dressed up and she adjusted her hair. In the lift we smooched again. I dropped her till her doorstep and waved goodbye to her and her mom.

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Since then our conversation over the phone or messages were most of the time about naughty things. We got another chance since my losing of virginity but this time it was only restricted to foreplay. I left for a different city after a few months to pursue my higher education and gradually we lost contacts.

I hope the readers have liked my first sex story. Comments, reviews an views will be highly appreciated and entertained at Your Comments, reviews and views on my very first story  will urge me to reveal more about my sex life that has been active ever since the above mentioned incidents happened in 2011.

And for all your girls and women out there who have read my story feel free to contact me. Age is just a number for me and it isn’t much of a bar. If I could serve you with sex, I will feel myself lucky!

Aug 3, 2016Desi Story

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