Satisfying my Widowed Chachi Part – 2

Hi ISS readers, I am back with second part of my story ‘Satisfying my Widowed Chachi’. As I narrated in my previous story how I ended-up making out with my widowed Chachi, Reena. After that night I became so horny about her body. I always had a fetish for older women, but her wheatish and juicy body is something else.
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As I mentioned earlier I live in a joint family. Whenever Reena and I are alone in our house we fuck. We have tried almost all the possible positions. But I love when she go on top of me and ride. She is such an horny woman. She is 45 but have sex drive of a 25 year old girl. I love her juicy boobs and play with them every single day taking her in a corner. Take blow job from her as well in between. She loves my dick. It gives us a sudden rush getting sexual with other people in home.

This happened just last week. Her elder sister, Sheetal, has been visiting us from Chandigarh, where she is living after her marriage. Sheetal is 5 years elder than Reena and married to a business man. They are rich; however her husband is shorter than her and looks ugly. Sheetal is 5’8” and got broad shoulder, boobs and ass. She is very fair and has a small mole on her chin, which makes her look cunning. I never liked her.

Last Saturday, when I had an off, Reena, Sheetal, and my mom were supposed to go shopping. I asked Reena to make an excuse and don’t go so that we can fuck. It took a lot of convincing, but I made her hot and she agreed. She made an excuse that her back is hurting and asked Sheetal to go shopping with my mom. Sheetal didn’t like the idea but then agreed as she wanted to go shopping.
As soon as they left, I went down stairs in Reena’s room. She was lying down on her bed. I went behind her and started kissing her neck. She got hot instantly and faced me.

Reena: You are such an ass, my sister was so angry that I wasn’t going.

Me: What can I do, I want to eat your body every single day.
Reena: (smiled) oh you buy me off with your sexy talks.
Me: Only for you my love.
Reena: Come eat me then.

We started kissing passionately. She has fuller lips, love kissing her. My right hand went to her pussy and I was rubbing it over her salwar. I can sense wetness, already. We carried on and kept making out. In between I heard the main door closing. I asked her if she heard it too. She said nobody is home, it would be neighbors. I too ignored and we kept going.

I ate her boobs, sucked her pussy. She ate my lips, licked my chest and ducked my dick. We fucked in missionary position and then she came on top of me. I came in the condom while she was on top of me. We both sweated enough and were satisfied. She fell on me and kissed me deeply.

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Reena: What would I have done, if you were not around?
Me: the good thing is I am, and we are fucking insane about each other bodies.

Reena: You are the most satisfying guy, love you.
Me: Love you too Chachi.
Reena: Don’t call me chichi, I am just Reena for you, how many times would I have to tell you this.
Me: Ok Reena, love you meri jaan.

She smiled and kissed me. She took my limp dick out of her pussy and went to the washroom to clean herself. I too cleaned my dick and wore my clothes. I told her that I will be upstairs, as Sheetal and mom will be home anytime.

When I came up I saw a missed call from mom. I called back asking what happened. She said that Sheetal forgot her purse inside, so she went back to pick it. I recalled gate closing sound and thought from there the sound came. Mom mentioned they will be home in another 30 mins or so. I became afraid that Sheetal might have seen us mating. I ran downstairs and mentioned it to Reena.
Reena too got afraid, but then I tried convincing her that she might not have our room’s door was closed. I told her to be normal, everything will be fine. She too thought that’s the best bet.
They came back, I was upstairs. Mom came back after some time and she was normal. I let some time pass and then went downstairs to check how are things. Sheetal was in Chachi’s room along with her. I went inside and they were chatting normally. I inquired what they have bought and usual small talk. Then Reena said she making tea, if I would like. She was smiling so thought all is well, I was relived. I said yes sure. When Reena left, Sheetal came to me and whispered

Sheetal: I know whats happening between you too.
Me: I became cold as stone and gave a blank expression.
Sheetal: don’t worry, I am happy you pleasing my otherwise lonely sister. I saw you guys having sex when I came to pick my purse. You both were so engaged, you didn’t notice I opened the door and see you guys. Reena was moaning that means she was enjoying. She never enjoyed with your Chacha. So thank you.
Me: Did you tell Chachi?

Sheetal: No, not yet. She deserves sexual happiness like every other woman. She is lucky to have you. A young, strong and handsome guy, who can satisfy her whenever she wants.

I felt awkward having this conversation with her, but then I was pleased she isn’t going to tell this to anybody.
Me: I don’t know what to say, please don’t mention it to anybody.
Sheetal: don’t worry, I won’t. (she was smiling)
Me: Thanks.

Sheetal: by the way, you were totally dominating her. I know Reena is stronger than me, still, you were all over her. Every woman loves her man to overpower her.
Me: (I had awkward smile) Thanks. Hope you didn’t see me naked.
Sheetal: you have cute bum (winking).
Me: (smiling) thanks. I have to go.

Sheetal: Chai is coming, wait. Ok, I won’t tease you anymore. (smiling)
She came closer to me and whispered in my ear.
Sheetal: Satisfy me as well, please. I will do anything you say, but please satisfy me as well.
I was shocked.

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Sheetal: I haven’t had sex for 10 years. I never enjoyed with my husband. With you, it’ll stay within the family at least.

Reena comes in with chai. We had chai, Sheetal was normal again. I had my tea and left. My heart was racing. I never liked Sheetal, but her offer making me look at her differently. I can imagine myself fucking her now. I noticed my dick was hard in my pants.
At night after dinner, I was in my room. I got a WhatsApp from Reena, asking me to come to her room. She and Sheetal were alone downstairs. I went and both were on the bed. Reena came-up to me and took me out.

Reena: Sheetal knows about us. Don’t worry she won’t tell anybody but you have to do her a favour of satisfying her. Please do this, she too is suffering. Otherwise, she may tell someone.
Me: I can’t do this. I am not a toy. (inside me I was ok to do it).
Reena: It’s just a one-time thing, imagine me and do with her, please. I beg you, do this for me.

Me: This isn’t fair.
Reena: Please love, please. For me.
Me: (after some more retaliation, I gave in) ok but just this one time.
Rena: I love you so much and kissed me. Go inside and finish it, I am in the drawing room.

I went inside and Sheetal was lying on the bed in her maxi. She smiled at me. The light was off, side lamp and the tv was lighting up the room. I stood up and came to me. She put her hands on my shoulders and hugged me and thanked me. I held her waist and hugged her back. She asked me to hug tight, like a man. I did so. She moaned. She started kissing my face, my neck, all over my face.

She kissed me on my lips and she was going nuts. She was so horny. She tastes so good. I was too taken over by lust and started kissing her passionately. I can sense her moaning inside my mouth. I was pressing her wide ass. It was stiffer and wider than Reena. I loved it. She took off my t-short and started kissing my chest like a hungry tigress. She pushed me to bed and removed her maxi, she was in her bra and panty now. She came up to me and started licking my neck, my chest, sucking my nipples. Biting them as well. I was getting stiffer and stiffer.

I pushed her and started licking her neck. She was moaning loud. I asked her to shut-up as someone would hear. We were going wild, but I remembered she like to be overpowered. I pinned her down and sucked her neck and made her crazy. She put a pillow on her mouth to control the screams. I was rubbing her pussy along side to make it furthermore miserable for her. She came already. Her pussy was all wet. I whispered, you gonna see stars today. I removed her bra and mulled her boobs. I started biting and sucking her boobs. She has wrapped her legs around my waist and was gripping it tighter. I teased and played with her boobs.

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I came up to her face and asked if she liked it. She held my head and kissed me wildly and said best thing ever happened to her. I said it’s yet to happen. I got up and removed my shorts. She held my dick over my underwear and rubbed it. She said she wants it. I give her to go ahead with my eyes. She removed my underwear and hold my dick and started rubbing. I asked her to take it in her mouth. She hesitated a bit but then took it. I was on my knee and she was half lying on the bed. I held her head and almost fucked her mouth. I was loving it. Pinning down a cunning bitch like her was a pleasing feeling. I was harsh on her.

After few mins, she took it out and begged me for fuck. I took her panty off and she was so eager to be fucked now. She had a hairy pussy, she was expecting me to eat her, but I felt otherwise. I slapped her wet pussy and she cried. I slapped a couple more times. Then I made her go on all fours. I slapped her ass. That white, wide and firm ass. She was begging to be fucked now. I rubbed my dick on her pussy and then pushed it suddenly. She let out a loud cry. I slapped her ass to stop. She pushed her face on the pillow. I fucked her hard and wildly. Her pussy was tight as hell. I imagined her as a virgin again, after all getting fucked after 10 years.

Then I moved her in missionary and came between her legs. Put her legs on my shoulder and pushed my dick inside and started stroking again. She was having time of her life. She was in a trance enjoying every movement of mine. I did this for few minutes and felt the buit-up of coming. I wasn’t wearing the condom. I told her I am coming inside her. she was just able to hear anything. I came inside her in abundance. I have come like 5 times already.
I fell on her and we both were sweating like crazy. I moved to next to her. Her fair body was shining golden in yellow lamp light. She was too please to move or say anything. I cleaned myself with her maxi. I went to her and said:

Me: Hope you are satisfied as well?
Sheetal: (held me closer to her face, kissing me) best day of my life, thanks.
Me: Yes, this is the only time, right?

Sheetal: I will do anything to have you again.
I just smiled at her and kissed her nipples. I wore my clothes and left the room. Reena was waiting outside and hugged me and said thanks. I kissed her hard and left for my room.
A day after, I had a threesome with Sheetal and Reena, but that’s for next part.
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