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Friends, my name is Nayeem and I am residing in USA. I am here for my studies. I am residing in a society and most of the stuff like milk, vegetables, fruits; I use to buy it from a nearby super market. The owner of super market is an Indian but his all employees are US white girls. There is girl whose name is Julie is very pretty and cutie and she must be around 24. Her body shape must be 36-24-36 and she is very pink. Whenever, I used to go to super market; she used to smile and me too, we both liked each other. One day, I was free for all day and I went to store and asked for a coffee. She said yes but after shift. Her shift supposed to be over around 4:00 in evening and she have to come back at 9:00 for some account work.

She used to do account work alone in store till 2 hours. We had gone for coffee in a nice coffee shop and i had given few expensive gifts too. She was happy and said, I will give return gift if you will come night to super market. I was very excited but I never thought that I will get the pink pussy. I came back to home and very excited. I came to supermarket on time and waiting for the Julie’s signal. When, Julie became alone, she closed the supermarket but she took me in before that. She offered me some food and asked to wait for half an hours.

By the time, I had finished my food, She finished her work and went to changing room. When she came out, i got imaged and suddenly lights got dull and she was looking gorgeous. She wore bright silver Bra-panty and her skin was shining like star. She came near to me and started rubbing my chicks and started kissing my lips. She took me near a stool and pushed me down and started removing panty. She my lower nude in 1 minute of our sex meeting and applied some oil on my dick. My dick got harder and very tight. It was some lubricant which my dick long and thick.

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She hold my dick in her and started kissing it mouth and started kissing and licking by her tongue. I felt that 440 watt current in my body. I never thought Julie was so hot and sexy and she also wanted to fuck me. When, I had gone completely mad and gone crazy; I removed her Bra and Panty and made her nude and removed my all clothes and pushed her hard on floor and jumped on her and took her one pink nipple in my mouth. I was acting like a crazy man and I really wanted to get her asap. But, she didn’t want to lose her lead and crossed her legs around my shoulder and pushed me down and came over me and badly messed with my dick. I was shouting in pleasure and she was moaning aaaaaaaaaaa…och….fuck me…wooow….aaaaaahhh..and kill me darling.

When, we both gone over with oral sex; she came over me and opened her cunt with two fingers and pushed it on my dick. My skin got down and I shouted like hell aaaaaaaa ………..oooooo.. It was killing pain and I was not to control. She fucked me more than an hour in many positions and cummed so many times. I came very later due to the effect of lubricant. But, that night was awesome and wonderful for me. She was there for 3-4 hours and she fucked me 2 times but I was not able to walk for 2 days and she came to my room to see me and took care of me. Now, Julie is my girlfriend and we are in a happy relationship.

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