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Hello, guys, it’s Rakesh again with another erotic adventure tale. It’s not of mine but of a person who contacted me after reading my previous story ” She found new life in son “. You can go through my profile to read my tales.

For new readers, I am Rakesh, 21, cute lad (i get that a lot ), in my final year of engineering and horny as fuck. I usually prefer women above 35+. No upper limit. I don’t know, I just find women above 35 damn attractive and give my best to give them a memorable sex.
Now after my last story I got good feedback for it and women emailed me and after confirming her story I am narrating her experience in her words.

Hello, I am a 54-year-old widow. My husband died when I was 36. I had a son. He grew old and I married him off. All was going well but he died in a car accident leaving his wife and two kids. I was a widow so I understood and her pain and advised her to remarry but she didn’t want to and want to raise her kids on her own.
Her parents used to support her too, financially.
She took a job at her children’s school as a teacher and began teaching there. I was happy for her. They used to go to school together.

Once it happened that my grandson had a fight with another guy in the school and as their class teacher, my daughter-in-law, had called her the other kid’s parents to school. Unfortunately, his parents couldn’t come so he had asked his uncle to come. He came and met her. Incidentally, the guy was rakhi brother of my daughter-in-law and they got connected well. Both talked and got along.
After that, their meeting was somehow regular. He used to come to our home too. After few months one day, as usual, he had come to visit us and I had to visit a Satsang so I left for it. After traveling a few block I remembered that I had left the umbrella at home and returned to bring it. I opened the house with the spare key and went to take the umbrella. I didn’t find them in the hall so thought they had left somewhere but then I heard some sound and it was coming from my daughter-in-law’s bedroom.

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I went and found the door was slight opened. I was about to enter the room when I heard her moan. I froze there. I saw through the door opening that her rakhi brother was on too her and he is pumping her and she is moaning. A current ran through my body. I couldn’t move. I didn’t even realized when my hands reached for my pussy and I was rubbing them. They both came with a loud sound and he fell on her. I couldn’t control myself and went to my room and fingered myself like hell. I was not touched for more than 24 years and it had made me horny. I was angry on my daughter-in-law but I realized she is a widow too and she has her desires. I cleaned my cum and went to check but both we’re lying naked on each other and I went out for Satsang. I couldn’t stop thinking about it.
I fingered myself that night thinking about their sex. My attitude towards him changed since then I began finding him attractive.
I am a 54-year-old and have no means but to finger myself to satisfy me.

Once it happened that we had some problem with our ceiling fan and my daughter-in-law had called for her rakhi brother. My daughter-in-law got a call from her school and it was urgent so she had to leave. He came and I opened the door. I was alone in the home and he was so attractive. He asked about the problem and took a stool and began checking it. The stool was shaking so he asked me to hold it. As I hold it. His cock was right in front of my face. I can smell it and it was awesome. I was trying hard to resist it but the desire of a widow who was not touched for more than 2 decades over powered her and I touched his penis and unzipped his pants in a flash. He was shocked and I removed his pants too and he was standing there. I pulled his underwear down and took it in my mouth and began sucking it. He was not moving and moaning.

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He came down and I kissed him. We kissed for a few minutes but then he realized it’s a mistake and he pushed me. I said I know about u fucking my daughter-in-law and I will tell this to everyone so he agreed to do as I say. I have my own fantasies so I asked him to pull me up and take me to my bedroom. He did accordingly. I removed his shirt and asked her to kiss my legs and then thighs and all the way to my pussy. He vanished into my saree and he touched my pussy with his lips. I was on cloud nine. It was awesome. He began licking it and I had grabbed a pillow. I came in his mouth and he licked it. He came over me and kissed me. I stood up and removed my clothes. We hug and we’re cuddling on the bed. He was sucking my boobs like a child and it had become red due to sucking. We kissed then and his hands were still on my breasts.

I guided his penis into my pussy and he thrust it into my pussy and I had a huge moan and it was paining a bit. He fastens his fucking and I was moaning like hell. We came together after few minutes. It was awesome and it was best till date for me. He lied beside me and I kissed his whole body. I then sucked his cock and after some time, he was hard again. I rode him like hell and I came in a few minutes and lied on him. After some time he asked to leave and I warned him not to tell about it to anyone. He left and I lied naked, satisfied.

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