Hello friends, my name is James and I am married and my age is 34. MY wife Stela is good wife and she takes care of my house and me as well. She has white skin and very smooth and her facial expressions are very cutie and very pretty; especially her lips which are very red and she don’t use any makeup for that. Stela is 30 and her figure is hot and sexy. Most of my friends love her and they want to spend one night and love to fuck her. There is young guy who really wanted to do friendship with Stela and he really tried well to impress her but after when she threaten him; then only he stopped.

Our sex life is also very good and wonderful and till the day, we have sex almost every night and we also tried the sex in day time also and different places too. I love to read about sex information and also love to experiment same with Stela. Ones, I was reading about a sex position ‘reverse cow position’. It was like the female over male but face is in opposite direction. Book said that females feel deep penetration in this position and male also pleasure with delayed in cum. I Show the same to stela. I was on chair; stela came over me and crossed her legs and sat on my lap. I caught her from her hips and pulled closer. She was over me and kept her lips on my lips.

It was very hot and we had a warm smooch. Our lips were locked and we both were breathing heavily. Aaaaaaaaaaaa………….oooooo…uuuuuuuuuu..hhh..hhhhhhhh..hhh..hh….my dick started exciting and erecting and Stela;s boobs got tights. Her tits we pointing on her T-shirt. She unbuttoned my shirt and made me nude and started kissing my hairy chest. I was sounding in pleasure aaaaaaaaaaaaa…ooooooooooooo and her tongue was licking my body. My dick was on full move and hitting Stela’s pussy. She was smiling and stood up. She lay on floor and inviting me. I smiled and forced myself over her and removed my pant. My dick became huge and it was ready to fuck her hard. I started removing her clothes and made her into Bra and panty. her body was very sexy; I went to kitchen and got some ice-cream and dropped all on her body and licked her well.

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I had given her nice tongue massage and she was moaning in pleasure aaaaaaaa…oooooo….wow….we both were having sexual pleasure. Her body was shaking and moving in pleasure and like a snake. My dick was excited well and I was not able to control. We both were licking each other. Our lips were locked and my dick was rubbing on Stela’s pussy. Stela was sounding hot and she was crying pleasure and begging for deep penetration. I lay on floor and asked her to come over me and she came in same position. When, she sat on me my dick gone deep and clapped completely into her pussy. She was not able to jump but she was trying and enjoying.

She came cum early that day and my dick wanted her more. She was jumping over and I caught her hips to support her well. She was sounding hard aaaaaaa…uuuuuuuu..hhhhh…..I am dieing…aa….your are so hot daring. I was shaking her hips hard and fast. She cum again and I also wanted to cum. I pushed her forward in same position and she was like a bitch and I was fucking her fast. My legs were tight and I was not able to hold anymore. I pulled my dick out and forced her on floor and again put my dick. She was feeling raped but supporting me well. I pulled her legs up and pushing myself hard. Finally, I got cum and released all inside her pussy. My cum was hot and she sat instantly. It was wonderful and very sexy sex encounter. I advise, you must try the same with partner and you will enjoy.

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