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This is true story. Actually this happened to me last year. We had a family friend staying in Chennai. One day I received a call from Aunty who was our family friend staying in Chennai for some assistance to collect the insurance amount of her late husband. For that reason, she, aged 50 had to travel form Chennai to Bangalore. She called and told me, when I visit Chennai next time, she also wants to join me in Bangalore where she wants to met the insurance officer and settle the financial issues.

As promised, when I went to Chennai, I visited her house and took her along with me to Bangalore. We were travelling by bus and it was very cold night. She had a blanket. Both of us cover our entire body with the blanket and the bus had only few passengers. When the bus broke suddenly my hands slipped over her boobs, she looked at me and smiled and moved little closer to me. That was a signal, but I was a little nervous, when again the bus braked my hands touched her boobs again. This time she held my hand and pressed over her boobs. Then I knew what to do. I started massaging her boobs slowly. She liked it. The with arms over her shoulder I pressed her both boobs and sat so close to me make it easier for to massage her boobs.

Under the blanket her hands were searching for my dick which was already standing up. Then she pushed her hands through my pants, took the dick in her handing started playing with it in up and down motion. I enjoyed it. She asked me, why can’t we get down in between some place and stay in hotel and travel next day to Bangalore. That was good idea and I agreed to it. We got down from the bus in an different station and hired a room in the hotel.

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In the room, we hugged each other and she told she was going to have sex after 12 years. I slowly removed her blouse; inside the bra were her heavy 50 year old boobs, still with perfect shape. I pressed it harder. I took the hook of the bra and her big boobs jumped out. I sucked the both nipples which made her erotic. She was really enjoying it. Then my lips rolled down to navel area and kissed her in that part. She pulled her sari and under skirt away. At that she was half naked wearing only her pink colored panties.

She looked much younger than her age and very hot too. Holding her close to my body we went to the bed. I took of my T shirt and pants suddenly and I was also wearing only a vest at that time. I climbed over her body and held her so tight to my body, she begged in my ears, please fuck me. I dragged her panties down and fingered her pussy; she was already wet and ready. I took my dick out of my vest and rubbed over her pussy. She grumbled in delight.

Then I pushed my hard dick into her pussy; she made a loud cry and said slowly honey, slowly. Its 12 years now, I didn’t have sex. Then again I tried to push my dick slowly and it slowly entered her pushy. When it entered fully she hold me tight to her body. I hammered her slowly and the increased the speed. Then she said to me increase the speed and she was about to cum. She climaxed and smooched me, but I was yet to cum.

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She sat in-between my legs took a towel, cleaned the dick and started sucking it. She sucked my dick such was she was a professional in sucking, she did for ten more minutes and I got cum direct on her lips. I really enjoyed the way she sucked my cock. Later again in the day I fucked her twice and once more she sucked my cock to cum.

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