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Hello friends, first night.. ummm everyone dream big for this night as these the best night for a newlywed couple to know each other mentally and physically. This is the night when two person open themselves I front of each other and show them the best they have. I also had same big dreams for myself. That why I never had sex before my marriage but I used to do masturbation since long time. It helped me to increase the size of dick and built my stamina. Friends, my name is Anuj and I am 24 years now and I got married last year. My wife name is Mina and it was arrange marriage. Mina belongs to the typically traditional family. So, it was not allowed to her to meet or speak with me before marriage. This restriction made me more desperate and I thought that I will leave Mina in my first night and will fuck her so hard that she will remember all life.

We got married and I was very excited. The entire thing was over and it was 8 o’clock in night. We had dinner and then wife went to room and I went out with my friends. I purchases some flavored condoms and long lasting gel. I also had a viygra and ate. Then, I came back to entered in the room and locked the room. I saw Mina was sitting one side of bed and she was covered up in red saadi. I went to her and sat closed to her. She was not seeing me but I been closed her and took her face in my hands and said – I love you Mina. I am very thirsty. Tonight, I will not leave you. I will fuck you hard. She smiled and removed her saadi. I was shocked, she was completely nude and she was just covered up in saadi. She pushed me on bed and said – darling, I was waiting for this movement since year.

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I am virgin and never had sex and I said – me too. She removed my all clothes and started kissing me. She made me so horny that my dick was instant hard and friend, you won’t believe I had not my dick was so much long. When I used to masturbate, the length was not so much. I also had viygra and also applied the gel for increasing my time duration. That why, my dick was so hot. She was dominating in bed and she was ruling me well. She was kissing me all over and licking my chest. I was so amazed that I got a so hot and horny wife. She was handling so with so much passion and playing with my entire body. Then, she went down and took my dick in my hands and started pressing it. She bent and took my eggs in her mouth.

She was doing my masturbation and sucking my eggs. She was pressing my tools so hard that I was getting mad and now I was not able to control. But, Mina was not showing any hurry and was playing calmly. But, I got up with little force and pushed her on bed and opened her leg and started rubbing my cock on her pussy. She came close to my ear and said. Darling, why hurry. We have full night. She pushed me on bed again and came over me in 69 positions. She kept her butts on my mouth and started shaking it and asked me to lick it. I started touching her pussy. It was pink, shaved and so soft. I was seeing pussy first time in my life. She was again on my dick. She was licking it deep thought. I was moving my ass up and down.  I was pushing inside her mouth and was fucking it hard.

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She was moaning ahahaha ahahah ahahah in pleasure. I caught her butts in my hand and started smelling her pussy and ass. I entered my tongue in her pussy. I had seen lots of blue film and was doing same. As I entered my tongue inside her pussy, she shaker pussy hard. And moving over my mouth. I caught her butts hard and pushing my tongue deep.. wow.. I was enjoying both. Now we both were ready and now she turned and sat on me. She set her pussy on the top of dick and sat with little force. My skin was torn as it was going first time inside any pussy. I was so amazed and feeling very nice.

Now, I was so horny and now wanted to take lead in bed. I pushed her on bed made her dog on bed side. I came behind and opened her legs from behind and started rubbing my dick in her cunt. She was pushing back her butts and smiling and inviting me to fuck her. I bummed her butts and stroked hard. My dick entered in her cunt in very first shot and she shouted like dog ahahahh ahahhhhhh ahhahahhaha oooooooo.. fuck me.. fuck me… yes yes oooo.. I am getting mad.. Please fuck me hard. Yes yes you are so hot. fuck me hard.

Her voice was making me mad and I was excited and pushing my cock harder. After 15 minutes, she started pushing back her butts with speed and cum. I could feel the warm sticky liquid on my dick top and I was started stroking fast and in next 10 minutes, I had left my all cum in her pussy.

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We both were tired and rested on bed. I was feeling sleepy but Mina was still in action. She again took my dick in her mouth and started sucking it. In 10 minutes, she made it hard again and this time, she wanted to me fuck her asshole. I fucked her asshole by entering my fingers and finally my big dick. I made her hole big for soft exile of her shit. I also fucked her cunt like mink 3 times and had fun in my first night…

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