The Night That Stole The Virginities – Part 2

This is a continuation of a previous story “The Night That Stole The Virginities- Part 1”. This is a real-life incident, so it might not be as filmy/dramatic or over exaggerated as the other stories.

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We were dumbstruck to see the darker side of our friend. After making sure that we were concerned about the video, Preethi spoke out saying “I just want 10k cash initially for her shopping” though giving the amount was difficult but not impossible. Various possibilities were running in my mind meanwhile she said that she needs to have a bath and get ready as she needs to visit a nearby temple along with her parents.

Saying so she left with her pink towel and Priya broke down into tears understanding the situation. I tried to console her but couldn’t. While crying she spoke, “If Preethi would also participate in the sexual encounter it would have been much better”. On hearing this, various thoughts started running in my mind. I told her would she even in her dreams accept a threesome.

After a short pause, she said it was a waste of talking as things cannot be changed. It was the time I said we can change provided she participates in the threesome. Priya was shocked as she didn’t understand what I was talking. She also expressed the doubt that Preethi shall not leave the golden opportunity of leaving us.
I thought for a while as she had a valid point, after few mins, she came up with a wild idea of “Me taking the lead to rape Preethi in case she doesn’t accept” she also assured her support while the task was going on but she said she cannot participate in a threesome.
Even I was thinking about this idea. So, we immediately came up with 2 plans to go ahead. Meanwhile, Preethi came out of the bathroom with the pink towel. For the one last time, we decided to request her reminding the friendship bond between us. Priya tried to convince her a lot, but all efforts fell on her deaf ears. She just saw this opportunity to make money out of it, which would satisfy her desires. After a while, Priya broke down into tears.

Now the time has arrived to go ahead with the second plan. I was standing behind Preethi when Priya was trying to convince Preethi. As soon as I understood that the soft talks were not working, I understood that it was time for some hard talks.

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I called Preethi, as soon as she turned around I slapped her with considerable force, to which she landed on the floor. Then I lifted her and dragged into the adjacent bedroom.

She was in utter shock as she never expected that I would turn so violent. I threw her on the bed and jumped on her. She now started to panic and started to escape. So, it was again time for few heavy blows, I slapped her couple of times just to give a strong message that I was not in a mood to stop. Now I pulled her towel just to expose her white body, as soon as I started pulling towel she started to scratch me as a part of her self-defense. Then I called out Priya to help me, as handling her was difficult. Priya came in and I instructed her to hold the hands of Preethi so that I can complete my task more smoothly. Preethi was unable to believe that Priya was helping me in getting her raped.

Now I have removed the towel completely. Preethi was lying nude helplessly on the bed and I could resist myself from sucking and squeezing her small yet cute tits. Preethi pleaded Priya for help, but as per our plan, we were not supposed to stop in between as this is even more dangerous for both of us. Priya could not see this violent task of me raping her friend, but she was compelled not to save her friend from this position. She immediately grabbed two skipping ropes from the wardrobe and tied Preethi’s hands to both the ends of the bed. In that process, I had a glance of Priya’s big tits. Now after tying her Preethi’s hands, Priya started to leave the room. I just moved a bit forward sitting on Preethi such that my dick can go inside Preethi’s mouth easily while Preethi still tied on the bed. Now I inserted my dick into her mouth and grabbed Priya by her hair. I can clearly see that Priya did not like this but knowing that beast inside me got unleashed, she did not dare to resist it. Now I started a to and fro motion of my dick in Preethi’s mouth so that she does not choke while kissing Priya.

I did not want to trouble Priya much, So I asked her to wait outside ready with a camera, within no time Priya left the room. Now It is time to take the hymen of Preethi, though she was begging continuously to leave her and promising she would delete all the copies of our videos, I was in no mood to listen while Smooching her I started the “Mission Preethi’s Hymen”, even before I inserted half of my dick, I could see Preethi was crying in pain, within the next couple of strokes, I could sense Preethi’s pain disappearing. Now I asked Priya to come into the room and Take snaps of Preethi alone and Priya did it exactly as I said. Now I untied Preethi’s hands and asked to give a blowjob, knowing that she cannot resist my rage and violet episode again, she accepted unwillingly. Priya made a video of this incident such that Preethi is seen in the video giving blowjob to someone unknown, basically hiding my identity. As per our plan, we had to leave Preethi now and have talk with her, but I was in no mood to stop. I pulled Preethi again back into the bed, to which Priya strongly objected instructing me to leave Preethi at once. I replied saying I am ready to leave Preethi If Priya was ready to allow me to fuck her anally. There was a clear silence in Priya’s voice and after a minute of silence, she(Priya) asked me to finish it in next half an hour.

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I fucked Preethi anally despite she requesting not to. After an anal fucking session, I was back in missionary style within next 10mins. This time I was very soft on her, which she liked a lot though she did not express that, we could not continue this session longer as we both were terribly tired and weak and slept naked. After an hour Priya entered the room to see what was happening. She woke us with a cup of coffee and said,” It doesn’t look like rape has happened here, but rather looks like a couple is celebrating honeymoon”. Now we could see a quick smile for few seconds on Preethi’s face, As Preethi was trying her best to show that she was angry with us.
Now everyone was on the same platform, i.e. Preethi has a video of me and Priya fucking and vice versa we had a video of Preethi giving a blowjob to someone and her nude pics.

The matter was very clear we had to delete the videos of each other so that no one’s life/career/reputation is at stake. I broke the silence and proposed the idea of deleting the videos and proofs of the incidents that happened in the last 24 hours. Preethi said she was ready to accept but under one condition. I could not believe what I am hearing, “Preethi was still not happy with what I proposed”. I was getting a bit irritated, meanwhile, Priya asked what were the conditions.

To everyone’s surprise, she said she wanted to continue this fucking session as she liked me. I was dumbstruck and turned my face towards Priya and said, “But I liked Priya….” Preethi interrupted in between and said, “I have no problem with u continuing your lovemaking sessions with Priya”. Before I could say anything Priya said it was up to me to decide.

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Now the ball was in my court to choose between “the Slim, Size Zero, Shraddha Kapoor like Preethi” or “My Loved Girl, Busty babe, Big boobs, Ayesha Takia like Priya”. But I said, “I loved Priya a lot, But I do not mind sharing the bed with Preethi if Priya accepts”. Priya had no other choice but to accept it as only this can lead to a peaceful conclusion of deleting proofs. But she said, “I am fine with that but….” Before she could say anything, I interrupted and said, “So finally it is Threesome”.

Priya knew something like this would be my obvious request which she did not like and she was not comfortable always with that, she also said she doesn’t mind participating in threesome occasionally but not regularly if that can clear the current stalemate. So now I came up with a solution that was taught in mathematics, which will give take care of everyone’s desires—” We will take up 2 dice and roll it,

If the sum of numbers on the 2 dice (1+2, 2+3, 3+1, 4+2, 5+1…….) is less than 7 then I would spend the entire time with Preethi alone.
If the sum of numbers on the 2 dice (3+4, 2+5, 6+1, 4+3, 5+2…….) is equal to 7 then we would go ahead with THREESOME.

If the sum of numbers on the 2 dice (4+4, 5+3, 6+2, 5+4, 3+6…….) is greater than 7 then I would spend the entire time with Priya alone.
We also decided to keep the entire episode as a secret and not reveal it to anyone including Vishal and Anusha.

With this, we deleted all the proofs of what happened in the last 24hrs but this experience left the three girls Preethi, Priya, Anusha to lose their virginities, Me and Vishal taking their virginities.
From then onwards we three started to meet frequently till date.

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