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That day my parents went out for wedding function and I was alone in my apartment. Since my final exam for 11th grade was approaching I stayed back to study. Actually my idea was to watch the new DVD of sex film which I borrowed from my friend. I was waiting for a chance to watch it.

When my parents left, my mother said she has arranged my lunch from the next apartment who was my mothers’ friend, Sameera aunty. She was disciplined lady and I had great respect for her. My friends, when they come they made nasty comments about Sameera aunty which I never tolerated because she always behaved me as her elder son. Her son and I were on the same school and her son was in eight standards.

When my parents left, I went to the room where television was kept and loaded the DVD into the player and started watching the blue movie. That DVD was full of sexy and busty ladies fucked by strong men to climax. Scene after scene I was more involved in watching it with my erected dick in my hand. I forgot to close the front door. I was keenly watching a Latin huge girl fucked by a white man, and I was masturbating also. Suddenly I heard a voice at the door and there stood Sameera aunty watching me watching the television and masturbating.

I was shocked and my erect dick was down in a second. I was unable to look at the face of aunty; I switched of the TV with the remote control and stood with a bowing head in front of her. She said” I came to ask what do you like to have for lunch, chicken or fish”. I couldn’t reply. She “What were you watching on the TV. Switch on the TV, she snatched the remote control and switched on the TV. The blue movie started again. I was completely nervous.

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She sat on the sofa and asked me sit close to her. She was watching the DVD and put her hands on my thighs. I was unable to respond. She moved more closer to me, took my hands and placed on her boobs. I slowly started pressing her boobs. Then I knew she was in mood and was afraid to continue. She never looked at my face and she was trying to rub my dick which I rejected.

She said I saw what you were doing when I came in. She pushed her hands into my shorts and took the dick in her hand a moved the skin up and down with it. At that time in the DVD the scene was black man licking white woman’s pussy to climax. Same era aunty asked me can I do like that. I said yes and raised her nighty and she spread her white thighs apart and I started kissing her vagina over the panty. She was already wet and I could feel it over her panties. Then she removed the panties and I started licking her clits and fingered her pussy at the same time.

I was like an expert that time because I learned it from the movie which I was watching. I did so strongly and made Sameera aunty cum. She screamed loudly when she exploded. Hugged me tightly and asked shall I suck it for you. Yeah! I replied and she started sucking my cock. She licked and rolled her tongue over my dick, I was really getting hot. I could not stop my bowel movements when she sucked, she without taking the dick from her mouth showed action to fuck her mouth. I did it slowly in the beginning and took more pace when I was about to cum. She did not allow me pull my dick away when it was to cum.

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I climaxed on her mouth which she swallowed and I was shocked to see her doing it. After that she left from my room without talking a word to me. I was confused, but when she brought lunch to me, she asked for the DVD for her to watch when she was alone and I gave it to her. Later we had many fucking session whenever we were alone.

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