The Time I Fucked My Bestie

Hi, all. This is Azuravithu. This is going to be my first sex story that I’m publishing here on Indian Sex Stories dot net. And I can tell you that this account is not going to have stories of a single person. I and a couple of my friends are going to be writing. And I can assure you that all these stories are real ones and not fantasies or fictions. All the names have been changed of course.

Getting to the sex story. This is the sex story of how I fucked the brains out of a girl in class. Let me introduce myself. I’m about 6 feet with a dick that is barely 5.5 inches. But it is very muscular and fat for its size. Speaking of fat, I’m really fat. Like I recently hit a century on the weighing machine. I do not watch porn films or masturbate at all but I do know everything about sex. This sex story happened when I was doing my pre-degree.

Being fat, no girls would be ready to take me as their boyfriend. But such a thought had never come to my mind. But I am very humorous and had a personality that everyone loved. Every one of the class knew each other very well as the class hadn’t been shuffled in the 12th and even though some chose commerce and science, the classes had a good connection. I was in science. So was Priya.

She was about 5’10”, had the proportions of a goddess and hair that was smooth and long, like flowing out of heaven. She was really fair and slim, unlike me. All this, I noticed only during this incident which I will narrate. Priya had been a good friend of mine for a long time. We have a one of a kind relation. We weren’t couples, mind you. I used to share every detail of my life with her and vice versa.

She was very modern and that meant our discussions would wander into all sort of topics, even those considered taboo. One day, our class teacher was absent and all students sat as groups for playing all sorts of things. I being the left out guy, came and sat on the back bench. Priya saw this and came up to me. Then took a seat on the bench in front and turned to this side. We just chatted for some time.

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This is when I took notice of something, as she sat turned, with torso twisted, her shirt became unhooked. And through that, I saw her large boobs. I’m not an expert on boob sizes but those were the largest in our class and school for that matter. I had never thought of boobs or any sexual idea for that matter to have noticed it. Since the bench was near the window, the light went in and it wasn’t pitch black inside her shirt.

But one thing that was black, was her bra. It wasn’t just a usual functional bra, it had all sorts of designs around it and so. I, being the kind of good friend I was, told her frankly that her shirt was unhooked. She said “Oh! Didn’t notice that!” and suddenly amended it. She went on to ask, “had a good view right? Not something that you come across often”.

I was awestruck by this remark. How silly she sees this. In our locale, this sort of thing is pure taboo and is frowned upon. While I may not agree with that, the girls are usually conservative. I jokingly remake, “must be rare for you too.”.

The reply I got was “ Yes it is, both to see and to be seen. I have only dicks and cum shooting out porn films. All those girls, having orgasms, I can only imagine.”. I already knew the fact that she saw porn films and used to masturbate. So I wasn’t surprised. She went on “only if I could see a monster dick. Is yours long?”. I didn’t expect such a question from her. I kept my cool and replied that it’s not, unfortunately.

She immediately rose up from the bench, put her hands on the desk and came close to my face. And asked me “Can you show it to me? “. I didn’t have any reason to do so, I told her. She was insisting. Like a little kid who wants a toy. Then she pulled out the ultimate trick. She said if I let her see my penis and measure it, I can see her naked. I immediately agreed. Not because I wanted to see her naked because I was curious whether she would do it.

So we planned, that day, I would go to her house. I knew her house as I went there frequently. Both her parents are working and she’s usually home alone till 6:30 in the evening. As per the plan, as the school closed that day, I cycled to her house directly from school. When I reached, I was drenched in sweat. She reached early as she was in School bus

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She opened the door, to reveal herself in a beautiful light blue top and short white skirt with layers. I immediately commented that she looks cute in that dress. Thank you, she said. I rushed to the kitchen to have a sip of water, as I was exhausted from cycling such a large distance. As I was drinking, she spoke from behind, “Now hurry up and strip.”. She was impatient. We went to her bedroom upstairs for some more privacy. I took a seat on the bed.

She stood beside, and so desperate to see it. At this time, I got confused. I agreed because I thought she was joking. But now? I told her about this. She replied “Then I will do it. You just sit there.”. She kneeled before me and unzipped me. Slowly put her hand inside my boxer and took my small soft penis out. “Come on, fatten up and show this poor girl a good dick”, she said tapping my dick. I was out of words and unable to move at this site.

She rose, went to the table fetched a ruler. By this time I was in full erection, or I thought so. She took a quick measurement and it was about 5 or more inches. But like an expert, she said, “That can’t be all.” And started pulling and stroking my dick with her hands. I noticed the matching color fingernails to her shirt. She just kept on doing this for a minute or so. And then, as if she cured cancer, removed my pants and boxers fully.

This revealed the trimmed hair around my penis. She started stroking my penis from the bottom. I had masturbated only once before and the same sensation came into mind. After doing this for some time, I noticed my dick was even more muscular compared to its usual flabby appearance when erect. Priya measured it again to find it now became almost 6inches.

“You kept your side. Now I have to strip don’t I?” she said. And before completing the sentence removed her top and skirt to show herself in the same bra she wore in the morning with a matching black panty. Without hesitation, she went on to remove both of those throwing the panty at my still erect dick and bra at my face. Oh! The view. It burned on to my eye and heart.

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Two huge ripe mangoes on her chest, not hanging but firm. Her ass poked out of her smooth body. A body that could rival any supermodel. She twisted and turned to show her shaven body and pussy. Her pussy was not like a mess but like a sweet fruit from where I was sitting.

She kneeled down, came close to my face and whispered to me, “Do you like it?”, I was still amazed and speechless. She then took a peek down and commented “Did I leave your dick stranded? I don’t like that.” and as she finished the sentence took it inside her mouth and just gave me the blowjob from heaven. She made me stand up while continuing this and grabbed my fat butt with her hands around me.

I was about to dump my load. Before she stopped and pushed me. I fell to the bed, she jumped on me, unbuttoned my shirt with a sudden pull. And repositioned herself in a way her pussy was above my face. Grabbing my head and pulling, she made me eat her pussy for about 15 minutes. While this went on, I grabbed her immense boobs and started just pressing it. It was really firm. She made all these kinds of noises.

Slowly she made her way to ride my dick, her pussy wasn’t tight, it was like the most comfortable cozy place a dick could have. She rode only for a few minutes before she stopped, and put that schlong in her mouth. Within a second I blasted my full load.

She looked at me with a smile and started dressing up. So did I. I stayed for some time there and cycles my way back home. We didn’t talk about it after that. But one day she asked me to come to her place again. But that is a sex story for another day. I hope you enjoyed a part of my memory.

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