The Wild Cat Itisha Tamed And Bullied

A warm erotic hello to the Indian sex story universe. I am Vike, back this my adventure for you.

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So coming to the sex story. This sex story is about a lady who heard about me through her friend who availed my massage service. She asked me to arrange a session for her and what happened next is an arousing tale which will force you to close the door and pleasure yourself.

Itisha is a 33-year-old unmarried lady who lives alone. She asked me to arrange a massage session with her at her home. I accepted the invitation. I usually have a chat with my lady before the session to know her desires and tell her what she will get, but Itisha wanted everything to be a surprise and shared nothing prior to our meet.

I reached her house, rang the bell which was answered by her maid. She pointed me to a room and said ”Madam is waiting for you”. I observed the house while I was on my way to the designated room. Everything from arts on the wall to the carpet on the floor everything seemed to be the best in the class. It was a house one can dream to built. As I entered the room, I saw Itisha standing near the window with a glass of wine with frozen grapes in it.

” Keep up the glass,” she said. Still looking out of the window. I picked up the glass and walked towards her.
”You know why I use frozen grapes in wine instead of ice cubes?”
”Ice cubes melt and dilute the wine, frozen grapes doesn’t” I answered as I sipped that exotic wine.
”So you are intelligent too… But you forgot to mention that grapes can also be eaten, unlike ice.” She teased me as she sucked and ate the grape.
”I have heard a lot of praises of you from Shubha. Don’t disappoint me” she kept her drink and walked towards the bed which seemed quite comfortable and designed for the massage.
”Do u take a lot of massage sessions?” I asked.
She gave me a stare, ”Do u only talk? Or work too ?” She removed her robe and laid on the bed.

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I knew I had to impress her, it was my capability that she questioned. I folded my sleeves and took the oil from the bowl kept near the bed and started rubbing her back. I have never touched a softer skin than Itisha’s, it was smoother than silk. I slowly started moving towards her neck, shoulders and I could feel her body easing up. There were no words exchanged so I knew my work will have to do the talking. I slowly started moving south. She had a pretty amazing figure. Her waist and ass were too good to be true. I grabbed her waist and my thumbs on her ass as I massaged her. ”Uhhhh” a sound escaped her lips and I knew I was doing good.

I went to her feet skipping her ass for the moment and worked my finger magic there. Now I grabbed her ass and massaged it. They were soft and bouncy. I could barely take a hold of them. I pressed them hard and they turned red. Now I asked her to turn. She was now facing me and I could clearly see her 36C fair boobs with pink cherries on them. I grabbed both the cherries And pinched them hard showing no mercy. Now I grabbed her boobs and fondled them while I fondled one of them I moved my other-other over her flat belly and played around her belly button.

She seemed quite resistive than other women. I held her thighs and started moving them in vibration motion which also helped her clit rub against her pussy. Now the fun began for her. Her thighs were sweating and pussy was getting wet. She was feeling the weak knees, her back was arching and she was losing breath. Before she could realize I grabbed her pussy and started massaging her pussy with my thumb on her clit, my middle finger in her pussy and my other hand finger in her ass. I was triple timing her and she was now moaning.

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” you son of a bitch…. Ummmmmm. How can u do this” as she grabbed the sheets? ”Umm ahh ahh OOO OOO OOO I feel high as fuck” I started licking the wetness around his pussy and sucked her nipples biting them as they turned red and hard.

She was moving with tremendous force but the pain n pleasure kept her at bay. I suddenly felt a force of fluid around my fingers as she erupted with cum and I had the fun sucking her dry down there.

”Damn… You… Really are…. Good” she said trying to catch her breath.
” This is just the starter ,” I said as my fingers felt the touch of the soft pink lips while she was sucking the juice from it.

I removed my shirt and sat over her pointing towards my rock hard thick dick which wanted to come out of the pants and go into her mouth directly. She unbuttoned me and grabbed my dick, I could feel every millimeter of her soft hand wrapped around my dick. She started rubbing the lower part with the finger which tickling and arousing at the same time. She then kissed it and started sucking it go up and down with the hand and mouth synced in timing. I could feel the rush of blood flowing in veins as it grew bigger in her mouth. I was playing with her boobs as she was giving me the best BJ of my life.
She started tickling around my dick with her tongue which made me crazy and ready to cum. I came all over her face with some drops on boobs which she instantly licks.

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I spread her legs and placed a frozen grape on her pussy as I started eating it. The coldness was driving her crazy and there was no stopping me. I slowly ate the half grape out of her pussy and took the other half to her. She grabbed my hairs and started to fight for the piece of a grape between my lips. Her soft lips were showing no mercy to mine. Our tongue fighting my lips were getting bitten and my back was full of scratch scars. Eventually, I gave up and she ate the grape.

Now I made her ride over me, my dick was thick long n hard which she took in her pussy and showed my flexible belly moves while she was riding then she bent over with her hairs over my face and her nipples brushing my lips. I tried to hold them between my teeth but she was teasing me. So I spanked her ass hard each time she teased me.

”Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh you fucker” she screamed each time I spanked her. She was a woman who didn’t like punishment so now she started slapping me on my cheeks with equal force and that was hurting like hell. So I slammed her on bed upside down and gave her a dose of anal. Her ass was very red and nearly blue. And now had a dick exploiting it.

”Ohhhhhhhh hh hh hh pls stop” she begged.

I came in her ass and let her go. We both were in a lot of pain and this time she gave me a nice massage with her boobs.
After the whole session, I left her home with the best experience ever.

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