There happens an Indian hot act between two as he helps in her house


I had been a good friend to one of my Indian hot neighbour who had been living in my area from last three years. In those three years we had really got very close as she used to treat me like her best friend and I too was happy to be called as such. It was a day when she comes to my home and she gets into the talks with my mother on some other things. I really had no idea as what she wanted and after sometime she took me to her home. It was some heavy work at her home to remove some big box which was really very heavy.

She get naughty on that and she told me very closely that she wanted to see how much power do I have as if I really have then she was going to give me some special thing. In that Indian hot talk of her she was looking a different girl to me who really wanted to have fun. As when she said that she would give me some special thing then she raised her eyes over mine and her Indian hot private parts. I get excited and in that excitement I finally was able to move that heavy box.

In pushing that my lot of energy got wasted and that made me to think in a different way. She clapped on that success of mine and soon she came close to me and hugged me. Till this point everything was looking very normal as we had been hugging each other in a normal way also but when she put her hands over my penis area then I asked her to wait as I had lost my energy in pushing the box. But she was at her best so she said to continue the same as in the foreplay I can regain everything.

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I really was low with energy and then she took me to her Indian hot bedroom where she gets naked and also made me naked in full way. She bent down to suck my cock heavily as it get the bigger size even in that low energy condition. It has really gone to get very hard as her Indian hot mouth work worked well for me and that was the best thing which I liked in her. Now I get active and started kissing her heavily.

She was really looking like a fucking babe to me and her soft body has really made the entire thing very hot in me and then I took better time to stare at her naked clean pussy which was really looking awesome. She was wet and I was hard and then I inserted my hardness inside her with some best aggressive Indian hot strokes. This made her to moan at the best and her moaning encouraged me to get more aggressive in fucking her. After a lot of ups and downs I finally took out my sperm which she swallowed in her mouth. I had seen her this face for the first time but that went ahead for many days.


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