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Wife ne husband ki fantasies puri ki – Indian sex story

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That day on returning from my office, I opened the main door of my house using my keys expecting my wife to be late from her work. On entering home I was surprised to see the bedroom door open. Going inside the bedroom I found someone in the bathroom. Taking a quick look around I found the cloths of my wife lying on bed. Immediately I understood that she is home early today and shaving herself for our saturday night sex. I didn’t want to spoil her fun so I kept quiet, changed my cloths and waited for her to come out.


After around 15 minutes she came out of bathroom just wearing a towel. She was surprised to found me lying on the bed but showed no emotions. As she came close to the bed, she knew exactly what I will do. I tried to pull her towel to see her clean shaven pussy, she resisted little bit but at the end wishfully loosened her towel to give me a clear view of her clean, smooth and attractive pussy. I grabbed her in my arms and said “saturday nights are lovely”. She giggled knowing what I mean and said “ I  have been waiting too”.

Within no time I kissed her pussy and she started enjoying it deeply by leading my hands to her bare breasts and hips. I smelled her and was aroused by the smell of her secretions mixed with smell of the bathing soap. Her hair was all wet giving me an immediate erection and I was inside her cunt within no time. Just when I was pumping her hard she asked “if u will fuck me now, what will we do in night?” I said “whatever u want, but right now I cannot stop”. She knew I would say this and started playing with my nipples. As my thrusts grew deeper and deeper, just to tease me she asked again “stop, what will we do in the night”. I asked what do u want to do (continuing fucking her and sucking her nipples)? She said “movie”. I said “ok with me, but you have to wear sexy cloths of my choice”. She again smiled at this answer as if she was expecting this. I continued to fuck her harder and harder until I was able to hold it no longer, and I exploded my secretions inside her. I loosened my grip on her, shifted to her side (all naked), trying to take few deep breaths.

Both of us stayed close to each other totally naked without a word for around 15 minutes before she noticed my semen flowing out of her lovely pussy. She stood up and said “now I have to take bath again, u naughty boy”. As she went inside the bathroom I noticed her lovely figure, nicely shaped hips, thin waist and big 36 size boobs. She has below shoulder hair, which are naturally straight. Actually I feel I m most fascinated by her boobs and hair. Since I saw her first time (5 years ago), I have a strong attraction towards her hair. As she entered bathroom, I followed her and both of us took bath together. During bath also I sucked her nipples which she enjoyed deeply and in return washed my penis and back.

After the bath both of us took dinner in our usual cloths ( I  was topless wearing only shorts. She was wearing a tank top which showed her sexy cleavage and a skirt without any panties inside). During the dinner she said “so which movie are v going.” I looked at her and said “what will u wear?” she said “saari” and laughed. I said “if u want to wear saari, then no movie”. Teasing me she asked” what do u want me to wear?” though she remembered her promise during sex, she expected my answer to change after sex.

As both of us belonged to traditional indian families we knew that wearing sexy cloths for girls is a big challenge in our society. Though both of us have done few naughty things in past but usually we r very conservatively dressed while going out.

She again asked “saari is ok na”???

I looked straight into her eyes and said “no saari, wear that black dress which we bought with full make up”.

She was little surprised and with a naughty smile she said “ok, do u want me to put on your favourite perfume also???”

She saw the answer in my eyes and stood up from dinner table to go inside her bedroom. She locked the room from inside so that I could not see her dressing up.

Outside I was waiting in anticipation to see my sexy, indian, traditional wife in western cloths looking like a slut. Though I had sex just 30 minutes, I thought of seeing her in sexy dress gave me a hard on again.

After 10 minutes she came out wearing my favourite dress. She was looking stunning. The dress was a sleeveless and backless dress with low front cut. It exposed ample amount of her cleavage with a good amount of her axillary skin fold ( I  have a crush for her axillary fold). The dress was ending just over her thigh showing her sexy legs. She wore a dark red, slutty lipstick and little bit make up on face. She stood at the door and asked me “what else do u want??” I said I want your hair to be loose and ur legs to shine (put oil). She laughed again and did both the things. Then she bend down to wear her high heel sandals and in process showing me her boobs. Immediately she caught my eyes and said “stop staring at my boobs”. I could feel that she is all excited about the thought of going out for a late night movie in sexy dress to a cinema theatre full of people.

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Just when we were about to leave she asked me to adjust her dress from front saying “my dear husband, please adjust my cleavage as her per your liking”. I smiled and started adjusting her dress (actually I didn’t know how much to show, we were going out in public where everybody will try to look into her dress). I adjusted it to the point where her cleavage would keep everybody interested without showing much.

We left the house in our car. She told me her heart was beating 1000 times per minute with excitement. It was good to listen that she is excited and enjoying all this. Meanwhile in car I saw her several times adjusting her dress and make up, trying to look perfect.

We reached the theatre and at the entrance gate there was a security guy checking cars. I saw my wife putting the seat beat over her exposed cleavage trying to save it from security guy’s look. I took the parking ticket and parked the car. I expected my wife to feel little shy and uneasy after coming out of the car but to my surprise she came out with full confidence without looking towards anybody. The security guy who helped us park the car could not resist and quickly gave a look towards her legs and exposed back.

We went to the ticket window and to my surprise dimple (my wife) took the initiative and asked the counter guy for 2 tickets. From where I was standing I could not see the expression on my wife’s face but her voice seemed confident. Meanwhile few more guys came and stood behind us in line for ticket. I could see all of them staring at dimples leg and back. I felt bad initially but then I realised this is a part of fun and sex trip, which should be enjoyed.

She took the tickets and we moved ahead for security check (ladies and gents separate). Gents line was moving fast so I entered the hall before her. As she entered the hall from other side after security check, it was the first time I could look at her from a distance (her full view). She looked beautiful (actually sexy and tempting). I was thinking in my mind about fucking her once again in night.

As she approached me she could understand what’s going in my mind and said “wait, u will get everything again in night, my dear husband” and she left for bathroom. As I was standing outside the bathroom I got and sms from her “hi dear husband, do u want me to adjust my dress in any way???”

I was pleasantly surprised with her moves, she was enjoying every moment of this. She wanted me to enjoy it equally, fulfilling all my fantasies.

I messaged her back “ I  want to see more of ur cleavage”.

I waited outside her bathroom for 15 minutes before she came out (don’t know what took her so long, or was she teasing me). When she came out I was spellbound. She looked so hot and tempting. She readjusted her dress to show around half of her cleavage. She was walking with confidence in her high heel sandals and swaying her buttock with every move. On her way she readjusted her beautiful hair on left side to show her naked right shoulder.

I was looking at all the way and my penis was ready to jump out of my pants. Just then her phone rang and she stopped midway to attend the call. It was some call from her office which took her 5 minutes. Meanwhile I looked around and saw all male eyes glued to her. Almost everybody was focusing at her cleavage (since it was a night show most of the audiences were young males). I felt little bit awkward but thought in mind “my wife is so damm hot, I don’t care about anybody”.

I felt proud that this sexy, hot lady here is my wife and others can only look at her , while I will be fucking her in night.

I ignored everybody and looked at my wife. Her boobs were poping out of her dress. Her thighs were looking perfect. I went to her and took her towards lift holding her hand. Immediately many of the guys around took their eyes off her. We entered lift to go to 2nd floor. She was still talking on phone unaware of the lift guy’s eyes, staring hard at her boobs. Looking at all this I pulled my wife close to me and put my hand over her bare back, then looked towards the lift guy. He immediately lowered his eyes. My wife looked at me with surprise, but continued to talk on phone.

As we reached the 2nd floor and the lift door opened, suddenly all the eyes turned towards us (to be correct, towards dimple). Everybody wanted to peek into her boobs. She was a visual feast for everybody. At this point she also noticed it and turned towards me. I asked “feeling shy??”

She said “ everybody is looking at me”. And she turned around, away from everybody’s eyes.

I said “they are not looking at you. They are looking at your cleavage and lovely thighs, and by turning around you are giving them a good look of ur smooth back also”.

She looked in to my eyes, smiled and said “ I  know, it’s time to enjoy these looks now”.

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She turned around with confidence and walked towards the food court. She asked me loudly “do u want anything darling???”.

I said “yes pepsi”.

I saw her as she walked with confidence towards the food court. Immediately the guy on counter left the other costumer and came to attend her (for obvious reasons). I could see the guy on the counter was looking less in her eyes and looking more at her cleavage. I think dimple also noticed this, but instead of hiding anything which continues to look in his eyes and continued to giving him a good view of her flesh. She looked very confident and naughty.

It was a transformation for dimple. When v came she was confident but not looking at anybody. Now she is confident and looking straight into the eyes of everybody. I felt happy at this naughty and sexy transformation. I was very excited looking at all this, but above all dimple was enjoying this the most.

While her order was getting prepared she looked back towards me. I gave her a dirty but appreciative smile which she returned with a similar smile.

While she was standing there I sent her a sms “hide ur boobs, the counter guy is looking”

To which she replied “what can I do, my husband asked me to wear this dress”.

This message gave me a hard erection. My wife is not shy of showing strangers her boobs in front of her husband. I felt like taking her home and fucking her right away.

Meanwhile the counter guy prepared her order and with a big smile handed over the parcel to her. I very well knew the reason for his smile, so did dimple. To add spice to the scene, dimple while taking out money from her pocket squeezed both her boobs together to give the counter guy a better view of her deep cleavage. The counter guy’s eyes were about to pop out but dimple was naughty enough to allow that. She immediately looked up in his eyes and gave him the money. The counter guy thanked her and took the money (we knew very well what he thanked for). As she turned back and started to walk towards me, she accidently came very close to the guy standing behind her in the row. He said sorry and smiled. Dimple looked at him, but ignored his smile.

While she was walking towards me the counter guy feasted his eyes on her bare back and legs. I believe dimple must have anticipated this that’s why she pulled her hair on her left shoulder and leaving her back totally exposed. She gave me the pepsi and sat close to me. The counter guy kept looking at her.

I said “so dear wife, how are u??”

She said “excited and hot, what do u feel ??”

I said “excited but not as hot as you”- v both started laughing

She said “ I think for u the show is right here, u r not interested in movie??”

I said “its up to u, what do u want??”

She said “wait for some time, I m enjoying this”.

I understood what she wanted. Meanwhile we saw the counter guy leaving his counter and heading towards the bathroom. Both of us immediately knew what he was up to.

As we were sitting, a couple in their late 30’s passed us. As expected the husband caught attention of dimple cleavage and thighs, to which his wife pulled him away by hand. His wife looked at both of us with fire in eyes and took his husband away. Both me and dimple laughed at this.

I said “control ur charm sweetheart, u r creating trouble in people’s life”

She laughed and said “what can I do, my husband enjoys it this way”.

Just then the door for movie hall opened and we entered the hall. As expected all the attention got shifted to dimple’s sexy boobs , including from the poor old man showing us our seats.

The movie started, but I was least interested in the movie. I asked dimple “r u wet?”

She said “watch the movie”.

I said “ no, I want to know right now”.

She said “check urself”

Slowly I slid my hand under her dress to reach her vagina. I lifted her panty to get a feel of her pussy. The guy sitting next to dimple got some idea and turned towards us. He caught me red handed doing something fishy but smiled at me.

Dimple turned her face towards me ignoring him. I said “what”.

She said “nothing”- as if she is least bothered.

I entered her pussy and it was very wet with her juices almost flowing out.

She said “ so…….M I wet???”

I said “ wow……U r so wet……U must be really enjoying all this”

She laughed and said “ and u thought u r the only one enjoying all this, ha ha”

It was like a pleasant surprise for me , my conservative indian wife, breaking all barriers and enjoying her sex appeal”

The movie was very boring or at least looked boring to me.

The movie ended in 2 hours and v came out of hall. As we were walking towards the parking dimple held my hand and kept it on her back. I asked her to readjust her hair on one side so that I can keep my hand on her bare back. I massaged her naked back shamelessly while walking towards the parking. Few of the guys saw all this but there was nothing they could do except for looking at me with jealously.

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As we walked towards the car the car parking guy (who was there earlier also, dimple was feeling shy of him) came to asking for money. To my surprise dimple turned towards him with her beautiful hair on one side and all her cleavage exposed to him. The parking guy could not say anything for few seconds seeing my wife’s blossom. Then dimple asked him “how much??”

He said, forcing his eyes away from dimples cleavage “20 rupees”

As dimple had no money left , she turned towards me and said “darling do u have 20 rs”.

As she turned away from her, the car parking guy got full opportunity to look at my wife’s sexy, well shaven bare back. And as he was standing just 1 feet away from her , I could see the reaction on his face.

I opened my wallet to search for rs 20 (which almost took me one minute), during which the parking guy shifted his attention to dimple’s shiny legs.

After 1 minute I gave him 20 rs, which is took very gladly from dimple’s hand and opened the gate with a big smile.

On our way back, v didn’t speak a word.

We reached home, opened the gate. Went to bedroom.

And just when I was thinking of jumping on to dimple, dimple came aggressively on me.

Mostly I m on top of her, but today she wanted to be on top (may be she was feeling at top of the world too)

She said “so mr hubby, did u enjoy the show??”

I said “ yes, but it looks like u enjoyed it more”

With a lusty in her eyes she said “ yes, yes, yes”

Within no time she got me completely naked and started sucking my cock. I enjoyed every bit of it.

During sex I asked her “so, what did u enjoy the most??”

She said “the look on your face. Every time somebody tried to steal a glance at my boobs , u turned red”

I said “ no, I didn’t mind it”

She said “oh, yes u did. U remember the lift man”

I said “ I said how do u know, u were talking on the phone?”

She laughed loudly “ I know everything, he was looking at ur wife’s breast and legs”

I said “ so if u knew, why didn’t u turn to other side”

She said “ I wanted to enjoy totally for what we had gone out, I showed him everything knowingly. But I loved it the most when u put ur hand on my back in life to protect me from life man. I love u sexy”

I said “ I love you too”

We continued our sex in full flow, until I asked her “ u know many of those guys must be still thinking about u?”

She said “ I know, do u want to know what they must be doing??

I said “no”.

She said “why not???”

I said “because u r a bad, bad girl”

She said “bad girl????, I am just an obedient wife. U wanted them to see ur wife’s sexy body”. Pushing my cock inside her pussy.

I said “ may be,littlebit”

She said “what little bit, I know why u took one minute to take that rs 20 note out of your purse”

I smiled “why??”

Dimple said pushing my penis hard in her vagina “because you wanted that parking guy to have a good close view of your wife’s assets. Didn’t u dear husband???? Tell me , tell me???”

I was almost on the edge of climax remembering the look on that parking guy’s face and thinking what he will be doing right now.

Pulling myself together and controlling my ejaculation I said “ u bloody slut, I also saw what u did. U squeezed your boobs in front of that food counter guy. The poor chap had to leave his duty and went to the bathrrom ”

She laughed and increased her contraction and thrust. She didn’t say anything, just closed her eyes (may be she was imagining what he must have done in bathroom).

I also closed by eyes and gave a powerful thrust inside her to ejaculate.

I ejaculated inside her and immediately relaxed my body.

We stayed like this for 15 minutes without moving.

After 15 minutes I said “love u dear”.

And we slept naked the entire night in each other’s arms.

Aug 2, 2016Desi Story

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